Thursday, October 10, 2013

Skrillex & Alvin Risk – Try It Out (Neon Mix)

The original track "Try It Out" has been floating around on the interwebs for a few months now with it getting heavy play in both Alvin and Skrillex's touring sets. I still bang it from time to time, the energy in the drop is top notch. Well Mr. Moore and Alvin teamed back up to make a new Neon mix coming with a music video full of debauchery, head banging, turntables, and more then a few big name cameos {Jack Black anyone?}. Hoping to see the download link soon until then peep the epicness from the video and the blurb they wrote along with it. Enjoy Lotbonians. 

Here’s a video we made with all our friends! “TRY IT OUT (NEON MIX)” sets a perfect mood for exercising, hunting T-Rexs, swimming in volcanos, playing with catbug, playing video games, or just hanging out with your parents on a cool summer’s night. If you’re feeling like you need a lil umph in your rumph, bang this track and get pumped up for whatever ever it is you’re trying out (LOLz)
-Skril and Alvin
PS: This track w 2 other B mixes will be on Itunes if ya wanna buy em :)

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