Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Lotbonians! (Meaux Green + RL Grime)

Happy Halloween everyone. Coming through with a ghoulishly themed post with a fantastic bass infused and 808 drum kicking (peep the laughter sample, brilliant), "Thriller" remix brought to us by Meaux Green who has been making a lot of noise with his recent Trap releases. You can't have Halloween without this one right? Michael Jackson always good for a scare. Also bringing you the fresh off the presses Halloween mixtape that RL Grime has released for free to the masses. He enlists the help of R.L. Stine of the Goosebumps novel series to add some extra fright. Fresh off recently releasing his tribute to fans in the form of the incredible track "Because Of You", RL Grime has been staying in heavy rotation on my playlist for sure.

RL Grime - Halloween Mixtape [Download Here]

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