Saturday, June 1, 2013

SubVibe - Everything Machine (EP)

SubVibe just dropped an amazing new EP. Please support through the facebook page and make the purchase on iTunes. SubVibe let this loose for free for everyone but will gladly accept any and all financial support. By supporting through iTunes, you will get an additional two bonus tracks. Each and every track is packed with bass and the EP explores many different genres. All eight free tracks are downloadable below.

1. SubVibe – Legacy Code

2. SubVibe – Table Manners  

3. SubVibe – Everything Machine

4. SubVibe – Rediscovery  

5. SubVibe – Terminal

6. SubVibe – Everything Machine (Prysm Remix)

7. SubVibe – Rediscovery (Dino Safari Remix)

8. SubVibe & Tide – Home

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