Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flinch - Underwater EP

Scion A\V presents Flinch's Underwater EP. It contains five tracks and he is an awesome artist. I've seen him live and he's a great show.   The tracklist is below with a brief description from Scion about each song. Kylee Swenson's Underwater vocals were inevitably used of course. Grab the full EP here.

1. Underwater ft. Kylee Swenson

When Kylee Swenson's soft vocals meet FLINCH's beats; it's love at the first drop.

2. Waiting for you

"All this time, it seems I've been waiting for you". Exactly.

3. Moonlight

Upbeat beats for all! If this doesn't make you smile and/or dance you might not have feet or feelings.


Lean back and let this eerie track float into your ears. It will lull you into a trance you never want to come out of.

5. Underwater ft. Kylee Swenson
(BARE remix)

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, or heavier, BARE takes the reins and serves up a remix a la delicious.

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