Monday, March 26, 2012

Propane LV - Blackout

Propane LV definitely has been one of the best music submissions to LOTB, if not the best. I'm always excited when he sends me something new and am sure to share it with the LOTB community. This one has top notch production which includes the ever-rare organ that just seems criminally underutilized. LV does the production justice with lyrics full of palpable passion. He has a new project on the way and is an artist you need to familiarize yourself with immediately. Check out the video above and then grab the MP3 download below. Here's what Propane LV himself had to say about the track:

"Blackout kind of summarizes the journey I've been on the last year, or at least the one that's been going on in my head. Trying to figure out my sound, make music that people will like, and progress as an artist is a lot to put on my plate, and I realized pretty quickly that catering to other peoples tastes is the last thing I need to be doing. The organ D. Shuts laid down on this instrumental took me to the hiphop side of my spectrum, somewhere I haven't been in a while."

Propane LV - Blackout:

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