Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Weeknd & Chi Duly - Balloons of Haus (Remix Mixtape)

Chi Duly did a couple remixes of some songs from The Weeknd's critically acclaimed House of Balloons a few weeks back and got such a positive response that he just decided to remix the entire album. His rendition takes on more of an upbeat, house-type vibe and gives the project a completely different feel and musical impact. Chi Duly is a producer that needs to be looked out for and this project in particular needs to be shared. Ballons of Haus is truly awesome. Just take a look at CHi Duly's explanation of this remix album:
"The concept was born of my interest in bringing The Weeknd’s vibe to a DJ set. He’s talking about what every other artist you hear in the club is talking about except he’s artistic, emotionally believable. The Weeknd’s subject matter is already club friendly. The pace however was only bedroom friendly. My project still retains that laid back, mellow uptempo R&B vibe but picks up on a harder electro vibe with the Dirty Diana remix."

***Download HERE***

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