Monday, October 10, 2011

Cashflow Ellis - Exclusive LOTB Interview & MP3

Cashflow Ellis is an artist on the rise who hails from Chicago. Cashflow recently released the trailer to his upcoming song/video "Attitude" featuring Sir Michael Rocks (Cool Kids). That video is above. He's spent the summer performing at festivals like the ESPN- Sponsored Midwest Tomato Fest and performed alongside Sir Michael Rocks at shows in both Indiana and Minnesota. Cashflow was recently interviewed on Power 92's "Truestar Radio" (Chicago) and premiered the song "Hearse Flow"(MP3 Below). Be sure to download the MP3 and then check out an LOTB exclusive interview where we were able to get to know Cashflow better.

Cashflow Ellis - Hearse Flow:

***Exclusive LOTB Interview With Cashflow Ellis***

LOTB: So, tell me a little bit about your story... Who IS Cashflow? When did you decide to pursue music? Who are/have been some of your strongest influences? 
CF: Cashflow Ellis is up and coming rapper attending Columbia College Chicago expressing his feelings through music determined to take it to the next step. I decided to pursue music as a lifetime duty my eighth grade summer. The turning point for me was when I almost went blind in my left eye. Shifting my dreams of becoming a professional basketball player I put the ball down and picked the pen up. Growing up my strongest influence was Nas. He was the first rapper I studied since the 2nd grade. I loved his versatility and verse structure.

LOTB: What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your pursuit of a musical career?
CF: Having faith in yourself. No matter how the situation is looking you must learn to believe it will become better. Confidence and determination is the gateway to doors that unlock success. That's what I had to learn at an early age and the reason why I am the artist I am today.

LOTB: Describe your style/overall message. Who would you compare yourself to as an artist.
CF: My message is my style. When people hear my music I want them to know I can get educate the listener same time staying on topic. Respectfully I can say I compare myself to no one. That's why I'm traveling a different musical path. I want to set my own footprint and become my own artist. I take it as a compliment when people compare me to the legends in the industry but I just want to be the best Cashflow.

LOTB: Any advice for aspiring artists who will undoubtedly go through some of the same things you’ve been through? 
CF: Believe in yourself! You can make it. Keep God first and always stay well grounded. Don't let the hype go to your head and think you’re better than anyone. Don't let people’s negative comments and criticism bring you down. Always listen to the wise artists in the music game no matter how good you think you are, listening is a must.

LOTB: Do you have any plans for tours coming up? We’d love to catch a show sometime. 
CF:Yeah sure you can get the latest scoops on my music and tours on KEEYNOTE.COM & FAMSQUADILLIANA.COM

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